I'm Prateek,

A programmer.



As a sophomore Bachelor of Engineering student in Bangalore, India, I pursue my passion for Computer Science and enjoy exploring new things🔎

My Skills:

DevOps & Cloud

Enthusiastically delving into the realm of DevOps, I am currently mastering the art of seamless collaboration between development and operations. Proficient in cloud computing with a focus on AWS, adept in Linux, Bash scripting, Vagrant, and Git, I am actively honing my skills to streamline and automate processes, ensuring efficient and reliable deployment pipelines. Eager to contribute my evolving expertise to the world of DevOps.

Python Programming

Proficient in Python, I excel in developing diverse applications, leveraging the language's versatility, and have a proven track record of creating robust solutions, often integrating seamlessly with APIs for enhanced functionality

Java Programming

Currently honing my expertise in Java, I am actively engaged in mastering Data Structures and Algorithms, channeling my passion for problem-solving through consistent practice on platforms like LeetCode, while aspiring to apply this knowledge to create efficient and scalable solutions.


Using Tkinter, a Python library for creating widgets and events, I can build graphical user interface applications that are user-friendly and functional.

Web Development

I'm capable of crafting static websites, leveraging my skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Flask to deliver seamless and engaging online experiences.

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